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Is your debt getting increasingly difficult to due to climbing interest rates?

Interest rates are one of the leading causes of debts taking longer to pay off.

Creditors share your eagerness to have your debt completely paid off. In some circumstances - interest is one of the only things holding you back from reaching that goal. With communication to your creditors, you may be able to reach an agreement where your interest can be lifted in order to make it easier to pay the remaining debt - fast tracking you to debt freedom.

This letter template will help you construct a message to your creditors to freeze your interest while you concentrate on paying off your remaining debt.

Please note that your creditors are under no obligation to agree with the terms specified in this letter.

You will need:

  • The inability to afford interest in account.

All of these outcomes could cause you a lot of stress down the line.

If you believe that your credit rating is in better shape than listed, then you can use this letter to argue against the credit bureau's records.


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