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Having a positive credit rating is becoming increasingly important. Unfortunately, many people still don't know a their credit rating could affect their future until it is too late.

A poor credit rating could:

  • Increase interest rates on credit cards and loans.
  • Cause difficulty when signing a lease for an apartment.
  • Force you to pay an upfront deposit to utility companies.
  • Stop you from securing a mobile phone contract.
  • Have you denied for employment.
  • Cause difficulty when purchasing a car.
  • Diminish chances of creditors accepting your loan application.

All of these outcomes could cause you a lot of stress down the line.

If you believe that your credit rating is in better shape than listed, then you can use this letter to argue against the credit bureau's records.

You will need:

  • Creditor name and account number.
  • Item(s) and an explanation of what you want the credit bureau to do with the information.
  • Valid proof to support your claim.


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