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You may be going through a bit of a rough time and your finances aren't quite where you'd like them to be. At this point, repaying your debts might be the last thing on your mind!

If only there was a way your creditors could give you some time to get your life back on track.

Many people in debt have successfully requested time where the debt repayment is paused while they seek advice and work out budgets.

Use this letter template to construct a message to your creditors that explains your situation and how you need the creditors hold off for a short period while you work out your budget or seek advice from an expert.

You will need:

  • A valid reason to refuse repayment for the foreseeable future.
  • Your account/reference number.
  • An estimated date to resume your repayment.
  • To contact all creditors for details of outstanding balances.


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