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Are you receiving regular phone calls from bailiffs or debt collectors? Is this causing you continued stress and anxiety? This is not acceptable.

Many bailiffs will act like they have more power over you than they actually do, often coming across as rude and invasive. This is an intimidation tactic in order to pressure you into repaying your debts. It's very important that you stand your ground and stay calm. You can read more about staying safe with bailiffs here: Bailiff FAQs.

In regards to ongoing phone calls, one of the first steps you can take to prevent this from continuing is to write a formal complaint that states how you feel harassed.

Here you can download a letter template that you can edit to suit to your situation.

You will need:

  • A note of all occurrences of a bailiff or bailiff company calling your telephone.


Thank you for downloading the Report Bailiff Harassment Letter Template. We will send you an email containing the download shortly.